Our Mission

Establish Caddie and Leadership Academies nationally that create personal growth opportunities, bring diversity to the game of golf through an inspired program of leadership development and mentorship with the goal of having  students qualify and participate in caddie related university scholarship programs

Caddying is one of the greatest traditions of golf and it was the primary way youth were introduced to the game.  This program strives to bring back this tradition and provides a tremendous opportunity for youth to be mentored by adults regarding life experiences.

BECOME A CADDIE – Young Adults ages 13-16 

The Caddie & Leadership Academy provides young men and women the opportunity to learn life lessons through caddying.  This program teaches youth to develop interpersonal and leadership skills used both on and off the golf course and compensates participants for their Caddie efforts.  Leadership, etiquette, communication skills, and professionalism are key tenets of this program, and while carrying a bag of golf clubs is part of the job, this program will make participants better members of society.

Upon successful completion of  a loop, (A loop is one 18 hole round of golf, carrying a bag which takes about 4 hours) caddies will receive $35 paid electronically within 48 hours via Stripe.   Caddies may also receive a tip from their golfer after a completed loop.


How the program works…

–Student participant requirements:

  • Caddies must caddie a minimum 24 loops during the program duration (most chapters will offer more loop opportunities). Most loops are done on the weekends.
  • Caddies must attend 8, 1-hour leadership and financial literacy workshops
  • Caddies must complete 4 hours of volunteer service during the program duration
  • Caddies also complete bi-weekly work logs

For consideration into this program qualified applicants will be:

In the 13-16 year age range.

In good academic standing.

Able to attend and complete ALL portions of the program.

Transportation to the specified courses

Evaluated on family financial need. Preference will be given to students from families at or under the $75K range for household family income.

All program participants will be mentored and coached towards the goal of continuing education and gaining consideration for a University related Caddie Scholarship.