Be Somebody

  • “Be Somebody” Leadership Training is based upon the book Cowboy Ethics and Values written by James P. Owen.
  • Ten leadership principles are covered in an experiential learning setting through games, activities, writing and group discussion.  The principles are:
    • Live Each Day With Courage
    • Take Pride in Your Work
    • Always Finish What You Start
    • Do What Has To Be Done
    • Be Tough, But Fair
    • When You Make a Promise, Keep It
    • Ride For the Brand
    • Talk Less Say More
    • Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale
    • Know Where to Draw the Line
  • Training is delivered using a three step process: 1) highly interactive learning activities 2) discussion of learning principles in relation to the activity 3) applying principles to one’s own thoughts/decisions and what they will look like in their everyday life.
  • Participants complete the caddie and leadership summer program by verbally communicating what principle had the biggest impact on their summer caddie experience and what principle they will focus on developing over the upcoming school year.

Leadership training is facilitated by a board member from the Caddie and Leadership program.